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THE UNITY OF BEING: A non-dual vision of all that IS (III / III)

A synthesis of non-dual philosophy, which integrates man and the cosmos, shows that consciousness exists in all things, and that Being is all that is. The beauty of understanding that we are One. Time is a river that snatches me, but I am the river; it is a tiger that destroys me, but I am the tiger; It is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire

PRD: Crisis and opportunities

In principle, the PRD did intend to build an institutional framework that was consistent with its reality. However, as the Party grew electorally and the currents had greater resources, its legal framework was left aside and agreements between the tribes were prevailing The Democratic Revolution Party is experiencing times of crisis

Surreal photographs of the 'Illuminati' party organized by the Rothschild family in 1972

On the night of December 12, 1972, the Rothschild family held an extraordinary and gloomy party, bordering on total madness. The dream experience had already been told by Dalí himself, who was amazed by the imagination of the hostess Marie-Hélène de Rosthschild, known for her constant search for talent in the world of literature, dance and high fashion. I

These are the 3 types of incorrect motivations within a spiritual practice

We all start a spiritual practice for the wrong reasons, and an important part of the practice is finding the right and efficient reason. Crucial part of a spiritual work is to discover the reason why we are inclined to practice. In the Tantric tradition shaiva speaks of an efficient motivation, pure motivation or aligned motivation, as opposed to inefficient motivation

Bukowski and Barbet Schroeder enter a Mexican porn cinema

Only an old white luminous sign with red letters, perforated and populated with flies, announced the programming of that day in the old cinema: Barfly, Schroeder's film with a script by the American novelist and poet, Charles Bukowski Image: Any moron can have a job; Living without work is a wise thing


The fashion of standing desks and the great writers who wrote unemployed

Writing standing could save your back and your overall health In an increasingly sedentary world, where much of the work is done sitting in front of a computer, standing desks have resurfaced with a popularity that we can call necessary. It is known that spending a lot of time sitting and with a hunched back is one of the worst positions to which the human being can be subjected, and there is more and more information on how this deteriorates health


Butler who leaked documents in case of "Vatileaks" uses the Holy Spirit in his defense

When the Vatican is under the magnifying glass, the hierarchs, bishops and priests raise the banner of the sacred as a sign that the Holy See is a place exempt from all sin, although former employees and even priests ensure the opposite. Paolo Gabriele and Claudio Sciarpelletti have reached the moment when they will have to face justice for crimes related to the escape of secret documents that, according to the accused, reveal frauds and intrigues at the Holy See


October 2: That forty-two years is nothing

42 years after the Tlatelolco massacre in Mexico City, the statements of the then president Díaz Ordáz. One of the most traumatic pages in the contemporary history of this sad country was, without a doubt, the killing of Tlaltelolco on October 2, 1968. I want to bring to the collective memory some statements by Gustavo Díaz Ordáz, president of Mexico: "His lack of practice (of the leaders of 68) in the handling of weapons, caused them to initiate the shooting.&qu


For depression and diabetes, doctors prescribe to visit an art museum

This initiative seeks to make art the medicine of the 21st century The relationship between art and health is not evident at first. We tend to think of art in the light of creativity and intellectuality, of appreciation and culture. Health, on the other hand, is associated with various elements related to the body: food, physical exercise, metabolism and aging, etc


DECALOGUE: Akira Kurosawa, 20, 10 stories

In this edition of DECALOGUE, we remember the legacy of master Akira Kurosawa 20 years after his departure Master of discernment and ambiguity, of ethics and morals, of rebellion and heroism, of loyalty and attachment, of life and death, of lethargy and hope, Akira Kurosawa explored the corners of the condition human from the dichotomy, confusion and identity, exile and roots, debate and confrontation of interiority


7 religious hoaxes that gave rise to real beliefs

It may seem unreal or fanciful, but millions of people have bitten the hook and put their belief in these objects and gurus that lack real sustenance. In recent days, the trailer for a supposedly apocryphal American film called Muhammad a womanizer, child molester and criminal. A group of Muslims, as a sign of rejection of this concept of their prophet, took the US embassy in Libya and murdered the consul Chris Stevens and other US citizens


The future of technology: will only the richest survive and transcend the human condition?

Douglas Rushkoff has written an important article about the implications of transhumanist ideology and the current techno-economic paradigm Douglas Rushkoff is one of the most lucid media and digital technology analysts in the world today. He is perhaps one of the most worthy heirs of Marshall McLuhan, surely the most brilliant media analyst in history


'López Obrador is a mystic, a crusader, an enlightened one,' according to the president of the Chamber of Deputies

Muñoz Ledo had somewhat overflowed words, after delivering the presidential band Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, now president of the Chamber of Deputies, was in charge of delivering the presidential band to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, partner of Morena and before the PRI and the PRD (Muñoz Ledo, however, also went through the PAN, doing a complete tour of the matches). Muñ


Discover the differences between the heart of a runner and a swimmer

A slight difference made the study interesting: the cardiac rhythms of the runners were subtly lower than those of the swimmers According to several authors, physical exercise is undoubtedly an antidote that prevents diseases, health problems and discomforts in general. Numerous scientific studies specialized in health, have sought to gather as much information as possible about the impact of exercise on each body and psychic aspect of a body


Ikigai, the Japanese concept to find satisfaction in life

Finding the balance of these 4 areas of life is the key to happiness The human being is, as far as we know, the only living being that needs to give his existence a purpose. Between the moment he is born and becomes aware of himself and the moment of his death, his time on this earth needs to be animated by something, which in turn is changing over time, because the meaning of life does not It seems the same in youth - when we begin to wonder about it - than in maturity or old age


Ometeotl Festival 2011, Tepoztlán, Mexico

Everything is ready for the 2011 Ometeotl Festival, this November 19 and 20; an event that seeks memorable communion between spiritual traditions, art, ecology and a promising musical selection. With the challenge of separating itself from the multiple electronic music festivals that preach the expansion of consciousness but that finally show little congruence before their luminous speech, the third edition of the Ometeotl Festival will take place in Amatlán de Quetzalcoatl, a town located in the municipality from Tepoztlán, south of Mexico City.


Johann Sebastian Bach and the fascinating relationship between music and mathematics

265 years after Bach's death, an exploration of the symmetry of his music The relationship between music and mathematics has fascinated Western thought since the appearance of Pythagoras, the wise man of Samos who was initiated by the Egyptian priests in the mysteries of the cosmos and who thought he perceived the same mathematical pattern, a harmony between the stars and The musical strings