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Thermostat war: study shows that women perform better in warmer temperatures

An investigation found that women's brains work better at higher levels than men's It is possible that a new stage in the struggle of the sexes that is underway in our culture with an episode that could be called "the war of the thermostat" begins. A study in Germany found that women in general work better in an office with hotter, hotter temperatures

Why do we accept jobs so easily that they make us sick, indebted and enslave us?

It seems increasingly common that the condition of work is to take life away from the people who do it Work is an inevitable condition of life. That said not as a condemnation, as understood in the Judeo-Christian imaginary, but rather as a circumstance of existence. Be it for the finitude of life, for the economic model in which we live or for the culture in which we develop, for existential or other reasons, it is necessary to work, and even in the utopian fantasies of those who have imagined a world without journeys labor, work does not disappear, largely because it represents a means of rea

Is cannabis good or bad for mental health? This is what science says

It is not very clear; however, there are indications that cannabis can be used therapeutically with important benefits Without a doubt, one of the most important medicinal sources is found in plants. However, it is possible to distinguish two great positions against this fact. On the one hand, the pharmaceutical industry and allopathic medicine avoid direct contact with the source, whether in the form of teas, infusions, preparations and even through food, since they are based on industrial processing

The clock of 10 thousand years of Jeff Bezos that 'will live longer than our civilization'

A $ 42 million watch is being installed at the Bezos ranch The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, has begun the installation of a huge $ 42 million mechanical watch on his ranch in Texas. The clock is the idea of ​​inventor Danny Hillis - inspired by the Long Now project -, it works with the energy of the Sun's cycles and synchronizes with noon. Th

Before the imminent collapse of society, learn to get rid of your possessions

A bit of apocalyptic cleaning to be light and in tune with the times. It is difficult to say whether it is panic, paranoia or simply the thorough analysis of the facts, but many people believe that we are at a critical point where a kind of collapse of the economy, of the institutions and in general of the reality - apparently the planet can no longer support our model of life and apparently we have also empowered tyrannical and deluded human beings, which in any way have to be the reflection of our society


This is what happens to your brain in ayahuasca

The enormous potential of ayahuasca to eliminate traumas is based on a crystalline articulation of various areas of the brain that allow memories to be overwritten and transfigured The growing popularity of ayahuasca, beyond its visionary component, is based on its medicinal and psychotherapeutic potential - something that has been experienced for hundreds of years among various indigenous cultures, but that until the last decades is being understood in a context scientific


Japanese scientists discover the protein of "eternal youth

Japanese scientists from the University of Osaka announce the discovery of hitherto unknown functions of the C1q protein, linked to cell aging processes; its deactivation could translate into the eternal youth sought by so many. Scientists from the Japanese University of Osaka have announced the discovery of the C1q protein, apparently responsible for the aging processes in humans


Is human nature essentially cooperative or competitive?

2 positions that oppose and make a huge difference in how we conceive our project In recent times there has been much debate, both among scientists and popularly on the Internet, about whether the essence of the human being is to collaborate, cooperate and exhibit a sense of empathy, or rather our nature is to compete, be selfish and try to impose ourselves over others, perhaps to transmit our genes


Do not care what others think of you: 5 ways to achieve it

5 changes that you can operate in your mind to stop giving it excessive importance apparently from others With some frequency, the satisfaction or unhappiness we feel with respect to life is a matter of attitude. With some frequency there are people who have everything - a roof to sleep, food, work, friends, etc


If you manage to understand and apply these words of Epictetus in your life, you will avoid much unnecessary suffering

The Stoic philosophy invites the human being to live in austerity, temperance and a continuous examination of our actions, our desires and our thoughts Stoic philosophy has gained some relevance in recent times which, in a way, is unexpected. If philosophy in general occupies a rather marginal place in our contemporary societies, one of the schools of thought has resurfaced one that, at the time, invited the human being to live in austerity, temperance and a continuous examination of our actions, our desires and our thoughts


Discover here how to prevent negative thoughts from making you age faster

Throughout epigenetic research it has been shown that there is a correlation between telomere shortening and a negative, hostile, angry and pessimistic mood From a psychogenetic premise, we are as we are thanks to the genetic history, the dynamics with the environment and the mixture of both factors of our ancestors - at least six or seven generations above


The Garden of Earthly Delights "comes alive in this fabulous modern animation

Celebrate 500 years of the death of El Bosco with an earthly paradise adapted to modern decay One of the works that has fascinated most in the history of art comes alive within the framework of the 500 years of the death of El Bosco. The Dutch museum MOTI commissioned a reinterpretation of The Garden of Earthly Delights to celebrate this date


Study shows that sunscreen chemicals get into the blood

A study that generates alarm The sunscreen industry is huge, particularly in recent years, this industry has grown, after evidence was released that ultraviolet rays can cause cancer. In recent times, the habit of using sunscreens only on the beach has spread to cities, with a kind of modern panic, also extended not only for health reasons but also for aesthetic reasons


8 unequivocal signs that something incredible is happening: we are waking up

Although it is difficult to recognize, the truth is that there are good arguments to consider that we are in the process of waking up Looking up and contemplating the panorama, it is difficult not to experience some frustration, anger or sadness. The sequels of innumerable practices that we have historically incurred, as well as a system that is essentially poorly designed, can be arrogant


Forest-schools: a new alternative in early childhood education

An interesting option that can serve as an antidote to hyperurbanization and excessive dependence on technology The original idea of ​​a kindergarten , a kindergarten, is to incorporate play and coexistence with nature into education. This premise has been left aside with the urbanization and technologicalization of education. Ho


Latin slogans that describe your (overvalued) university

Convivium, fornicatio, prae omnibus aes (Feast, fornication and, above all, indebtedness) In many countries of the world, university education has become a great business: universities are managed as ambitious companies that reflect the capitalist ideology of making profits without major moral views


The predecessor of the LSD caused an epidemic that killed 40,000 people

From the ninth century in Central Europe, until 1960 in Ethiopia, the ergot was responsible for spreading ergotism (from the French "ergot", which means "spur" as a synonym for the fungus) Lysergic acid, one of the fundamental components of ergot alkaloids and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), is characterized by causing visions, nightmares and a disease similar to plague: ergotism