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'We have the meat': Goya in the dining room?

A film in which the message seems to be that good and evil do not matter when we are all destined for death The titan eating his son, with a deranged look, is one of the most stalking images produced by Francisco Goya. Titled Saturn devouring a son , after the painter's death, the work seems less destined to represent the myth that gives it its name and is, instead, pure cannibalistic horror

Now that Ebola is in the West, will large pharmaceutical companies develop a vaccine?

Ebola is back; Could it be that this time the big pharmaceutical companies put aside their desire for profit and invest in the investigation of a cure? In recent days, the Ebola virus has become news again due to an incipient epidemic that, for the first time in the history of this disease, has left Africa with so far a couple of confirmed cases of contagion found in the territory of United States: Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, both hospitalized at Emory University Hospital (Atlanta), both infected while attending sick people in Liberia

Can you guess the secret behind these amazing sculptures? (IMAGES)

An example that the human imagination has no limits It has been said that the human imagination has no limits, and although this is somewhat exaggerated, on the other hand it contains a certain dose of truth. After all, there are many examples in which the mind is able to propose scenarios that do not exist and would even be impossible

Four tips to help millennials find a meaningful job

It is believed that millennials are a generation that wants everything without the least effort, but this is a myth. They are a generation born in the crisis, which no longer sees as a goal to do the same job throughout their lives. They want to have jobs that mean something For those who are close to 30 years, it seems a rather complicated task to find work in today's labor market, and it is still a bigger challenge to find a meaningful job with which you can identify

A lesson on the search for happiness in 'La dolce vita' by Federico Fellini

Where is happiness? Fellini's masterpiece offers us a chance to respond As a good classic or masterpiece, La dolce vita (Federico Fellini, 1960) is one of those artistic expressions for which it is necessary to be prepared. Although it is not a film that could be considered complex (as one might say, for example, of the David Lynch or Lars von Trier cinema), its reception is mediated by the life experience of the spectator himself, as both its general theme and other secondary ones (and the development of each one) explore a notion that deeply touches the human being but that at the same ti


'Blade Runner' will be adapted as an anime series by the director of 'Cowboy Bebop'

An ambitious project to expand the universe 'Blade Runner' This news will undoubtedly please both anime and science fiction lovers, who while not necessarily the same, will find a common satisfaction in the realization of this project. It is about the adaptation of Blade Runner as an anime series


Introduction to the 8 steps of yoga, according to Patanjali

A series of steps that have been taken advantageously by many spiritual explorers "The eight steps of yoga" (or eight steps or branches, being more literal) are traditionally attributed to Patanjali, yogi of the third century of our era, and is considered the foundational text of yoga. As in a procession or a staircase, each room on the path prepares the body and mind for enlightenment


What if consciousness developed in our species for this purpose?

Human consciousness is an accident of evolution, but perhaps not of life As much as we sometimes want to think about something else, chances are that life doesn't have a definite purpose. The admirable investigations of Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel (among several others) showed the human being that life simply arose at some point in the development of this planet, by chance and inexplicably, that later broke through and persisted, but without any kind of subsequent purpose or defined plan


How many countries can you enter only with your passport? Which countries are the most discriminated?

For immigration laws, not all people are equal; many carry political ballasts from countries considered undesirable * View larger interactive image The planet Earth, with all its countries and its diversity, is a constant stimulus for those who like to travel and get to know other cultures. However, it is not easy for everyone to access this promising wealth of otherness and the exotic


'Viral immanence': killing Buddha on the holographic road of poetry

A dialogue with the formidable book of our collaborator Fausto Alzati Fernández, navigating Buddhism, porn, punk and the radical illusority of the world in search of otherness. Memetic stimulation, sex with the text. "And you, what are you going to do after the orgy?", Paraphrase of Jean Baudrillard The philosophical essay, which works with lucidity and ardor, is almost like a physical work in the sun, to work the earth - although that earth is a mental field.


Who are really more famous than Jesus?

Pantheon, a MIT Media Lab project, reveals a method to know who the most famous people in history are and to know once and for all if there is someone more famous than Jesus. It's been almost 50 years since John Lennon declared that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus and so far there was no way of knowing if it was true


Brazilian child who lives with jaguars in reserve generates admiration and controversy (PHOTOS)

His parents are biologists and he has grown up with these cats since he was born Tiago Silveira has lived all his life with jaguars, not in a wild way, but in a reserve in Brazil. Recently he published a photo in which he appears calmly bathing in a lagoon with two jaguars and a dog. The photo shocked the social networks, with many users doubting the reality of the image and others, as usually happens in our time, almost being offended that the child is allowed to risk his life or something


Streets of London modify the brain structure of taxi drivers that run through them

The city of London as an immense neural network that modifies the brain structure of taxi drivers who must learn even their most secret routes. Many cities in the world are characterized by a complex road system, sometimes labyrinthine, in which there is no shortage of barely noticeable streets and alleys that lead nowhere


5 things sparkling wine drinkers should know

The cream of sparkling wines The first thing to know is that there are numerous types of sparkling wines, with important and subtle differences, including champagne, which is only the most illustrious of sparkling wines. In recent centuries, sparkling wines have gained some relevance, largely - another obvious one - for foam, or high concentration of carbon dioxide, something that has allowed them to be used to celebrate life, a mixture of euphoria and impermanence that It characterizes joy


5 fascinating occult women in history

Pamela Colman Smith, illustrator of the first complete tarot deck; Madame Blavatsky, founder of Theosophy and Leila Waddell, the "scarlet woman" of Crowley, are some of the most important occultists today Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891) Baptized as Helena Petrovna von Haun, Blavatsky was a descendant of the German nobility and the Russian aristocracy


Woman documents her husband's depression in this emotional photo essay

The sea around us ": with this eloquent title photographer Maureen Drennan documented her partner's sadness For some years now, our era has been dragging the annoying burden of depression. If, to a certain extent, it can be said that every historical moment has its own disease - the madness of the 16th century, the melancholy of the 17th, the hysteria in the 19th -, pathologically ours has distinguished itself by having the most terrible depression in Your ghosts People are suddenly sad, but unlike what happened with the gloomy melancholic wave of the Baroque, the problem seems to be t


They find the oldest species on the planet with 200 million years

Two colonies of prehistoric shrimp were found in Solway, Scotland; this species inhabits the planet for more than 200 million years In the natural reserve of the Scottish coast of Solway, two colonies of prehistoric shrimp of the Triops cancriformis species were found . This is considered the oldest species on the planet since its existence dates back almost 220 million years ago