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Photographer spends 1 year living in Antarctica and captures these amazing images

Meteorologist experiments with astrophotography and achieves extraordinary images, thanks in large part to the spectacular landscapes of Antarctica There are places that are privileged to observe the sky in incredible landscapes, and one of them is Antarctica. The meteorologist and astrophotographer Jorgelina Álvarez spent 1 year in the icy landscapes of Antarctica, after she signed up for a call that allowed her to spend 1 year taking photos.

The Garden of Earthly Delights "comes alive in this fabulous modern animation

Celebrate 500 years of the death of El Bosco with an earthly paradise adapted to modern decay One of the works that has fascinated most in the history of art comes alive within the framework of the 500 years of the death of El Bosco. The Dutch museum MOTI commissioned a reinterpretation of The Garden of Earthly Delights to celebrate this date

Mexico will import marijuana extract despite being "world power" in cannabis cultivation

In 2018, reform that allows Mexicans suffering from a disease to consume medical marijuana will come into force In the first quarter of 2018, the first medical marijuana products in Mexico can be obtained, once the corresponding regulation is published in the official newspaper of the nation. Although Mexico is one of the countries where marijuana is most grown, Mexico will have to import the cannabidiol extract that is used for medicinal purposes, since the law does not contemplate authorizing self-cultivation

DECÁLOGO: 'ROMA' 10 nominations and 9 Mexican films nominated for Oscar

A historical and reflective view through the 9 Mexican films that have been nominated for the Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Film With 10 nominations for the award of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, including Best Film, Rome becomes the most nominated Mexican film in the history of the award, and Alfonso Cuarón, with five of them, joins a list where only his name appears, being nominated for Best Director, Original Screenplay, Photography, Film and Foreign Film.

The paleolithic man and the origin of the Tarot symbols

The organization of the arcana of the Tarot gives an account of the evolution of the soul from its dark stage until it reaches enlightenment Shamanic Engraving of the Stone Age (Image: The negative aspect of the matriarchal structure is that by being tied to nature, blood and soil, man is unable to develop his reason


The Disillusionist: The New Spirituality, Stranger Than Science Fiction (II / II)

Jason Horsley continues his examination of the "enlightened masters" and of the place that they do not have, but is granted by the student who listens to them; in the end it is possible that the lighting resides elsewhere. What do you mean by "Enlightened"? “Something is wrong in the world.


Do plants have consciousness like the human being?

A group of pragmatic biologists believe that plant neurobiologists have failed to study plant consciousness. In recent years, the idea that plants, such as humans and animals, have motivated awareness and emotions has become popular. However, more and more pragmatic biologists point out that their defense mechanisms (such as rolling their leaves to the touch of an object, or the way and how quickly they grow when they have company) do not translate into a consciousness similar to that of the humans


The participation of the philosopher Slavoj Zizek in Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

The world's most famous philosopher came to support the protest movement against the financial mafia on Wall Street, leaving words of encouragement and causing protesters to question themselves. Slavoj Zizek, the popstar philosopher, appeared before a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters to support them and give them some recommendations in order to channel and strengthen their movement


Digital technology weakens our ability to pay attention and be amazed, the essence of our humanity

The astonishment is the quality in which our most luminous humanity lies, and the way in which we are designing and programming technology is playing against this attitude awakened to life Both the teacher, Plato, and the student, Aristotle, agreed that astonishment ( thaumazein in Greek), 1 a quality of mind that mixes delight, surprise and the most complete attention to something, is the origin of the activity philosophical, 2 that is, from love to knowledge for knowledge in itself


Discover the classic formula of pi inside the hydrogen atom

By a happy coincidence, researchers from the University of Rochester found the presence of the mathematical formula of pi inside the hydrogen atom The connection between pure mathematics and quantum physics has just been strengthened. Scientists at the University of Rochester noted the similarity between the principle of variation of a hydrogen atom, described under a quantum mechanics technique, and the Wallis formula for calculating pi, obtained in the 17th century


How much time do you need to learn a foreign language? This data will give you an idea

Foreign languages ​​cause us as much fascination and wonder as fear Often, when we begin to learn something that we do not know, we look with some longing at those who demonstrate and an expert handling of the subject, skill or discipline in which we hardly take the first steps. With impatience, we would like to be as skilled as they are, without thinking that those people who teach us (or others that we could take as an example) once also found themselves in the same position as learners. Th


The school as mental castration: the harmful effects of schooling on the development of children

Is mass schooling the forgotten cause of neurosis, narcissism and depression that characterize our society? The school is a castration: motor castration, imaginative castration, cognitive-creative castration. The school is a Victorian corset, a 19th-century hospital, a jail, a straitjacket, a Chinese vase, a genital mutilation, a sackcloth, a cloister that was dragged by force


Ultracrepidary: the word of the year

Philosophy Matters designated as its word of the year for 2018 the term "ultracrepidary" The Philosophy Matters philosophy dissemination site designated as its word of the year 2018 the term "ultracrepidary", a word used to refer to someone who speaks or expresses opinions about something that is outside the scope of their knowledge


1.3 million people have signed up to invade Area 51

A Facebook event brings together Americans to invade the military base Area 51 Area 51 is a military base in the Nevada desert, something like the Mecca of conspiracy theorists, as it is a base of secret military programs. For some decades, information has been disseminated that on this site the United States government has been carrying out a program in which somehow they have to see aliens, or at least intergalactic spacecraft or other types of technology, not of this kind


Portraits of men wearing their girlfriends clothes (PHOTOS)

Curious portraits of men dressed in their women's clothes: vulnerability and play in a new sexuality Spanish photographer Jon Uriarte had a great idea for a photo series: portraying men dressed as partners, as a way to show how gender roles are changing in recent generations. Although these couples are heterosexual, the images reflect that certain strange vulnerability, fluidity and confusion that prevail in our time


Why should we start using neuroscientific principles in art?

The idea of ​​intensifying the experience of art through brain resources is to "transform people's lives, and among other things, help expand and enrich their perspectives of the world and of themselves." It would seem that art and science are two opposite practices, independent and autonomous, such as water and oil. Ho


Man dies drowned when making underwater marriage proposal to his girlfriend

A tragic case A man has tragically died just after making a creative marriage proposal. Steven Weber swam to the window of his partner's underwater room in Tanzania with a note asking his girlfriend, Kenesha Antoine, to marry him. The handwritten note, which now seems somewhat dingy and cruelly ironic, said: "I can't hold my breath long enough to tell you everything I love about you