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Tremor of 5.6 degrees, megagranizo, presidential debate ... These are hectic times in Mexico

Chaos in Mexico The people of Mexico, and particularly of Mexico City, have lived this Sunday, May 20, a very intense and certainly interesting day. The full spring in its heat wave was cut off by a great storm that left flooded streets and countless hail balls - that rare spring snow. A little later there was a 5

'Le Clitoris': everything you always wanted to know about this fabulous pleasure organ (DOCUMENTARY)

This animation explores the pleasure universe of the clitoris Le Clitoris is a multi-animated animated documentary that calls us to look at the clitoris, its history and its fabulous peculiarity as the only organ dedicated exclusively to pleasure. And it is that the clitoris, which has suffered so much in the patriarchy, is an extraordinary organ, in some aspects similar to the penis, only much richer in nerve endings, generally larger and without a reproductive function

5 reasons why every woman should masturbate

Masturbation brings with it such benefits for health, mind and behavior, that no woman should stop enjoying it. Contrary to what taboos and stifled ideas might dictate, masturbation is one of the healthiest sexual practices a person can perform, with both bodily, psychological and behavioral benefits

Legalize marijuana in Washington DC

A symbolic triumph that could be part of a national wave of cannabis legalization in the United States; Alaska and Oregon also legalize recreational marijuana Marijuana activists must be celebrating in the United States after this Tuesday’s election voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana in the states of Oregon, Alaska and the nation’s capital, Washington DC Additionally, Guam voted in favor of medical marijuana, becoming the first territory annexed to the United States to approve an anti-prohibition measure. Di

What if addictions were really a learning problem?

From a neuroscientific perspective, addictions are a compulsive behavior that persists regardless of the negative consequences. Addictions can vary, from the use of psychotropic substances to the repetition of patterns that promote adrenaline. First comes the euphoric sensation, excitement and mania, then the adaptation of the body to these substances that make believe that everything will be fine eternally, and finally the mind imprisons itself in the object of addiction by alienating the individual from his body and environment


Placebo couture: how the clothes you wear modify your thinking and program you socially

Wearing certain clothes has specific cognitive effects, which suggests that the clothes are placebo and that we can program or deprogram ourselves by becoming aware of these effects. In addition to channeling the energy of the Sun or wind for the benefit of the planet, the human being should also channel the power of the placebo or the power of the mind to modify the body and the experience of reality


This is what Trami looks like, the typhoon that will touch the coasts of Japan in the next few hours (PHOTOS)

An example of the legendary typhoons of Japan Among the natural phenomena related to the planet's climatic conditions, storms are undoubtedly among the most impressive and, eventually, most destructive. Storms occur in various regions of the Earth, each with its own specificity: hurricanes, tropical storms, cyclones, and so on


25 years after taking black and white photographs, this man achieved perfection in technique

Is constancy more important than talent? A couple of years ago, lecturer and writer Malcolm Gladwell gained some notoriety for the idea that 10 thousand hours of practice in a discipline were enough to master it. It was about painting or doing a sport, studying a foreign language or entering a new professional field, according to Gladwell, the rule remained: after 10 thousand hours of constant, fervent practice, the one that began without knowing little or nothing On the subject in question, he could be considered an expert


This is the last survivor of an indigenous tribe of the Amazon (VIDEO)

This video testifies to a man who could be the last survivor of an indigenous Amazon tribe, which has been persecuted for the past 40 years. The main evolutionary quality of the human being is life in society. Our ancestors initially survived and later evolved thanks, to a large extent, to their ability to form social groups and, more importantly, to achieve a certain degree of agreement between individual existence and group purpose


What to do when you are the black sheep of your work (or the employee as creator of your own value)

The paradigm of the relationship between employees and the organization is gradually changing to take advantage of the diversity of talents Each company has - whether it knows it or not - a personality and a way of doing things for which it was formed. The choice of personnel is a fundamental and often neglected task, because a negotiation of the values ​​of the new employees and the work culture of the place is at stake: while some feel comfortable and as in their “ideal” work from day one, others feel that they do not fit or that the organization does not value them. Ryan V


Full moon in Aries, October 13: the autumn fire

A spectacular moon can be seen these days This October 13 at 22:07 (universal time) the Moon will reach its moment of fullness within its monthly cycle, illuminating the skies of the planet. Although it is not a supermoon (an astronomical marketing term, more than anything else), as always, you can expect great beauty and some excitement in the air


Young paternity exacerbates inequalities between men and women

How long is the youth? 10 years, specialists respond How long is the youth? 10 years, the specialists respond. The reference of 15 to 24 years to delimit the young population was adopted by the UN from the year 2000. Approximately one billion young people live in the world today. That means that a person of approximately five is between 15 and 24 years old, or that 18% of the global population are young, and children (5-14) comprise 19


Invisibility achieved with nanotechnology (VIDEO)

Using carbon nanotubes, a scientist at the University of Texas makes a surface invisible for a few moments; once perfected, its first application would be as war technology. Invisibility has been one of the most constant desires not only in the secret history of collective fantasies, but perhaps also in personal history: who, as a child, did not ever want to be invisible - no matter for what purposes


Linguistic analysis shows which are the most optimistic languages

According to this study, language in general tends to have more positive than negative words and Spanish is the "happiest" language, while Chinese is the "saddest" language The first study regarding the "mood" of words in different cultures was made 1969 by a couple of psychologists from the University of Illinois


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If anything could be, what would we be? Video games allow us to assume roles and postures that are beyond our particular code inaccessible "... Essay on Grand Theft Auto and the relationship between video games and our identity; reality and simulation ... for a simulated entity, simulation is reality, and must be lived according to its internal rules


19 hours of David Bowie: his discography, in chronological order, in a playlist

An excellent resource to admire, once again, one of the most great musicians of the last decades When David Bowie died, in 2016, the world witnessed a tribute that in addition to being broad and spontaneous, was somehow also surprising. Although Bowie already enjoyed widespread recognition as a worthy musician, his death sparked a sincere explosion of creativity, all over the world and in different forms, as if throughout his career, the multifaceted artist who was also, had inspired secretly but constantly to thousands of people, making them see that it is enough to listen to the authenticity


The koala is functionally extinct

A dramatic decline in the population of koalas has launched the alert on the survival of this species Recently the Foundation in Australia for Koalas (AKF) announced that in that country the current population of koalas is less than 80 thousand specimens, which makes it a "functionally extinct" species