3 crucial steps to free yourself from an emotional attachment

These simple tips will help you transform any experience into something positive no matter how hard it is

Certain experiences can leave a deep mark on us. The way we see the world is shaped by these episodes that, when negative, limit us to lead us through dark corners over and over again. Our heart is filled with sadness, insecurity and frustration.

Detachment is essential to transform these experiences and evolve into a new perception of life that allows us to take the right path to feel full and illuminate our consciousness.

Here three crucial steps to abandon these habits.

1. Stay away from distractions

They are emotional addictions that keep your mind appeased inside your body, they are found on television, radio, magazines and social networks.

These small escapes cause a certain type of thinking that results in a way of being and feeling that makes them more necessary while prolonging a cycle of negative thinking.

Think about your favorite show or song. How do they make you feel? They trigger emotions associated with those memories, they produce thoughts that feed your negative feelings. These distractors take you away from the notion that it is you who creates these emotions.

The more you enter this cycle, the harder it will be to overcome emotional addiction and separate yourself from the pain and suffering you experience.

2. Give your attention to what you deserve

In difficult situations, it is very common to try to escape pain or repress memories. This only causes them to manifest negatively generating chaos in other aspects of our lives. This is the main reason why starting a proper healing process is essential.

By accepting our pain and raising our feelings we approach the solution. When we face our pain, we can empower ourselves through it to grow. You learn more from negative experiences and it is essential to accept, in the best way, the pain derived from them.

Do not load masks. Recognize your pain, talk to you, confront it and try to understand why you feel that way until you understand yourself more.

3. Be more aware

Once you have assumed your pain, it is time to free yourself from the patterns and cycles of negative thoughts.

That can only be achieved if you understand this: every time we have a thought we generate substances in our brain that cause chemical reactions. As in physical addictions, we can become dependent on those substances and reactions. We extend negative thoughts to ensure that those substances will continue to be produced in our body.

That is why getting rid of these habits of negativity can be as difficult as leaving an addiction. When you are aware of this function you can determine your actions and end the suffering. By changing the way we think, we can change the way we feel and generate more positive chemical reactions.