40 things you need to know about the next 40 years

Energy through mirrors, spinach in skyscrapers, mud buildings, the government of art, viruses that build machines, etc., are some of the projections made by The Smithsonian.

The Smithsonian magazine celebrates its 40 years with this list of 40 things that will happen in the next 40 years. Some are quite oriented to the United States (and difficult to translate); others a little silly, but some besides being funny motivate us to think and imagine the future as a kind of techno spaghetti which, if we want to get ahead, we will have to do it like the baron of Munchausen ...

1. Sophisticated buildings will be made of mud.
2. Corals will be devastated.
3. The new catch of the day: jellyfish.
4. New cars will be free.
5. The industry will generate energy in space.
6. Oysters will save wolves from climate change.
7. 2 thousand new species of mammals will be discovered.
8. The rarest dolphin in the world will be a celebrity.
9. Peasants will plant spinach in skyscrapers.
10. The nation will face the trials of the new century.
11. Heartland will rise again.
12. The biggest problem in the United States: the mobilization of social classes up.
13. By 2050, one in three children in the US will be of Latin origin.
14. The third world war will begin in space.
15. Most Americans fear for the health of the planet.
16. More people will be hungry.
17. An ancestral grain, the phonium, will fight hunger.
18. Afghanistan is at risk of remaining in conflict for 40 years.
19. Fluorescent squid will lead to new antibiotics.
20. Health workers will eradicate malaria.
21. We can grow our limbs again.
22. Astronomers will discover life beyond Earth.
23. How will we fight the fate of dinosaurs? Telescopes.
24. Brain scans will illuminate children's minds.
25. Artists will rule the world.
26. Novelists will need a new device to generate themes.
27. Everyone will make their own music.
28. Secrets will reveal if JFK was "empty" as a young man.
29. James Cameron will continue to make films at 96.
30. The stand up comedy will cease to exist.
31. Young Native Americans will revive their culture.
32. Relations between the United States and Muslims will improve.
33. Evolution will continue in reverse, say the comedians.
34. A medical laboratory will fit on a postal stamp.
35. Viruses will help build machines.
36. Goodbye stereos, hyperreal acoustic hello.
37. Electricity will be cultivated from your skin.
38. Crucial energy will be generated with mirrors.
39 Your regulator will talk to you.
40. Reading will be an athletic activity.

Via Smithsonian Mag