Anxiety, confusion, filial love, LSD, decay, light, laughter and the music of oneohtrix

Robert Pattinson reaches his maturity as an actor, in a fun and depressing film that explores a night of chaos and confusion in New York

Good Time is a recent film directed by the Safdie brothers, and starring Robert Pattinson. Without many pretensions, the film shows a night of chaos, filial love, confusion and a humor that borders on the great and the depressing. Is it a drama or a comedy? The best of both worlds. Robert Pattinson's character wants to rescue his brother, a mentally retarded man who is in jail for helping him rob a bank. To do so he gets into all kinds of trouble and twisted situations, with a clear guideline, with no other moral consideration other than helping his brother: a complex mixture of filial love, crime and, in general, confusion. He has a pure heart but he is cursed. All the characters are a bit decadent and confused, but they are extremely human and want to get ahead, do their thing. But the world, the low worlds of New York, is screwed. And there is enormous anxiety about this and the situation at the limit. What is reflected in excellent sequences of distressing close-ups, faces in detail under red light, neon and halogens, sometimes even abominable and distorted faces, such as when we have taken LSD or many stimulant drugs - or a mixture of stimulants with anxiolytics -. In fact, the option that Pattinson has left is to somehow sell a bottle of LSD that appears on his delirious New York night excursion, to have the money needed to save his brother. This of course is a kind of genius in the bottle.

This is undoubtedly the best role of Robert Pattinson, who had already started a very interesting acting search a few years ago, participating in David Cronenberg films. Pattinson could win the Oscar if only the film were more mainstream, less rare, less sordid and had a clearer lesson. But no, it's just drifting time, craving, energy and strange moments that reflect mainly confusion and desire. Nights that become surreal and, in this case, literally psychedelic. Especially for the music of Oneohtrix / Daniel Lopati, known in the electronic scene for his ambient and drone house, and who brilliantly creates musical atmospheres that reflect the anxiety and delirium of the characters. The soundtrack of Oneohtrix is ​​one of the best that has been done in recent years. Good Time is really a good time -suffering at times but with a strange dose of humor and irreverence in the margins- for those who enjoy raw, artistic cinema without pedantry, and not the amusement parks and clusters of clichés that are movies that dominate the billboard today.