Christians launch campaign: on May 21, 2011 Christ will return

Apocalyptic advertising: the Christian group "We Can Know" launches a campaign in the United States to publicize the Day of Judgment.

Millennialism seems to begin to intensify with manifestations of Christians and New Age groups, rushing towards the belief of salvation or destruction. Now a Christian group called We Can Now has launched an advertising campaign in the United States with the message that we separate the date of May 21, 2011, because that day Christ will return to judge the world. The message appears on benches throughout the United States, as if it also said, Don't just wait for your truck, wait for Jesus to return - even if this may take time.

The organization bases its prediction on the "mysteries of the Bible" revealed and seeks to warn the world. Marie Exley, of We Can Know, says that from now until the return of Christ her job will be to alert people to take refuge in the Bible and be ready for the parousia.

We expect many more of these manifestations in the next three years, all related to the mythical end of the world. Waves of panic and fanaticism or prediction? Apocalyptic marketing? Personalized advertising from the end of the world? Christ as spokesperson for the brand?