The hidden symbolism of the Knights Templar in Oreo cookies

In addition to being delicious to millions of people in the world, Oreo cookies could be secret Masonic hosts

Oreo cookies are perhaps the most popular cookies in the world. But they may also be the cookies with the most esoteric secrets ("the Holy Grail of Cookies"), at least as interpreted by the Gnostic Warrior site, in which a post establishes the links between these cookies and the order of the Knights Templar. Perhaps these cookies are a form of secret host or, at least, a code for initiates (remember that the Templars have traditionally been linked to the Holy Grail and the origin of secret societies such as Masons).

Although, as is often the case in conspiracy and synchromistic elucidation sites, there is an excess of interpretation of significant connections (the so-called conspiracy), it should be noted that the cross that Oreo uses as a periphery in its logo, the so-called kick cross or cross pate, it is the same cross associated with the Knights Templar (and the order of the Knights of Malta). Likewise, the central symbol of the logo and also of its mother company, Nabisco, is the so-called cross of Lorraine, a symbol used by this region of France (and symbol of freedom in the Second World War), used in alchemy and also associated with secret societies.

There are 12 pate crosses in an Oreo cookie, a number associated with the 12 disciples and the Knights Templar, as the guardians of the Christian sacrament. The author of Gnostic Warrior adds that the plague "Oreo" could refer to "egregor, " a term linked to ceremonial magic that literally means "watchman." Another interpretation is that "or" is a reference to the Hebrew word for light (" or " or " aur "); in Greek " eo ", it can be linked to " eos " ("dawn"), and from here a link is interpreted with the dawn, with the light of the dawn and, then, with Venus and Lucifer. A little fuzzy, but anyway ...

On the Internet there are numerous posts about the Masonic logos and emblems of different corporations; a whole range of speculations, some of them perhaps completely unfounded. But we must remember that companies use these symbols not necessarily because they are part of a Masonic conspiracy and others, but for marketing reasons or even simply for lack of other ideas. That is, since these symbols have been around for a long time and are geometrically pleasing, they can serve for more effective communication. Of course, Nabisco could be using these symbols with a master plan to conquer the world through its cookies, perhaps through a new transubstantiation of the spirit into cream and chocolate.

What we can be sure of is that the connection between Oreo and the Knights Templar would have been to the taste of the great Robert Anton Wilson (one of the main responsible for the Illuminati meme as masters of the world).