'Pachacutec Teaching': a documentary that deepens the investigation of José Luis Parise, the Argentine psychoanalyst who unveiled the magic method (PART II)

Second part of our exclusive interview with Ernesto Damián Chiapella, director of the documentary 'Pachacutec Teaching'. Now we talk briefly about the change of era that occurred in 2012 and the plasma coming from the Sun, as well as sexual energy and the power of the word as magical tools, all based on a timeless teaching and currently methodized by integration psychoanalysis – occultism

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Could you tell us a little about what the documentary is called the "age of plasma"? That is, the relationship between 2012 and the zero state of reality

I really appreciate your interest, if this interview went well I had to end here. I know that Pajama Surf does an admirable job transmitting topics like these, which are not addressed by the "official" media. This is just the exact question, to answer it you have to understand that the initiatory cultures of which we talked before among their main prophecies have cited the great change of the era of 2012; Many people really did not understand what this date was about, while others proudly even think that cultures like the Maya were wrong. I want to emphasize that this culture never spoke of an end of the world, they talked about a change of era from that moment, which is very different. What they explained was a connection between Hunab Ku (the central sun of the Pleiades) and Kinich Ahau (the sun of our galaxy), since 2012 the center of the galaxy is facing our sun, the energy transmitted from these suns and that eventually arrives on our planet is known by the scientific name of plasma, and can be understood as the zero substance from which reality is generated.

Before being gas, liquid or solid, all that exists materially was plasma. Therefore we can say that when there is no abundance of plasma it is very difficult to generate reality - literally -. Now, what we see more and more since 2012, is a much greater amount of solar explosions; It is thanks to these explosions that plasma comes to us. What is the problem with all this? Because when we are not aware of this element and not considering our own creative power (the influence of psyche on reality), the same plasma unfortunately only amplifies the unresolved problems in each person (failures caused by automatisms and unconscious conditioning) while on a larger scale, plasma also replicates that same internal chaos at the human level.

It is also important to understand that the arrival of this plasma did not occur at this rate in other historical periods; for the magicians of the ancient ages the application of magic was remarkably more difficult due to the shortage of this "raw material", they had to go look for plasma in sacred places (frequently located in certain mountains); historically this substance received names such as praná, ether, manna or qi and was something extremely valued by the initiates of all time. So that the magician can connect with the plasma, use the word. The word has the quality of programming and directing the plasma; Therefore, the magician needs to have an impeccable ethic in what he says, otherwise it is the unconscious who controls the word and therefore generates an adverse reality to what our conscience desires. I want to clarify that this ethic in the fulfillment of the word developed along the first steps of the magic method prevents this from being used in a context of "black magic" or similar issues; We talk about a journey that goes from the internal to the external, not from wanting to selfishly influence the external. As you can see, this then filters people who are not compatible with this teaching, given that not all people are used to keeping their word because their reality is reflected from an internal work.

For example, recently, José Luis Parise explained to us how the drills did nothing more than amplify the power and frequency of earthquakes in Mexico. The magical initiation knows that there are certain internal disorders that, due to our lack of alignment between what we think, say and feel (what we could call coherence) generate certain external phenomena. In the case of earthquakes this has to do directly with an unaligned sexual energy; What we are talking about is something very serious and profound that if it is not studied in depth (for example, based on research by people like Freud and Lacan), it runs the risk of being superficially seen as a “ new age ” theme. In other words, it must be clear to us that cultures that do not properly manage their sexual energy, wanting to do rituals to "help" the world end up causing more earthquakes. Sexual energy is the most powerful form of energy in humans; Now, if this energy is amplified with the arrival of the plasma coming from the Sun, well, that explains all these situations that you know quite well in Mexico.

Already to conclude this interview, any last question you would like to address regarding what we have discussed today?

We want this documentary to reach as many people as possible, right now we are in conversations with large networks such as Netflix and Inti TV for its global broadcast. In addition, I want to clarify that Pachacutec Teaching will not be placed on free channels such as YouTube. For now, if you want to see it, you can purchase it from the José Luis Parise school website (www.edipo.org) for just $ 10. I want to understand why we do this. Why don't we put it for free on YouTube? Well, as Freud taught it 1 century ago, patients who receive a treatment for free do not usually apply it; the general rule is more or less the following: value is not given to what does not have a value in itself. That is, giving this information to humanity for free, unfortunately would mean that it receives very little attention and interest; It's like when you ask people in Mexico about the legacy of Mayan codices, most people don't know how to specify what this knowledge consisted of, even though the codices and texts of this culture are within their reach, you just don't see a massive interest in it. This is why it seems more reasonable that Pachacutec Teaching is in a place where people have to show an interest first, so that from there it reaches the whole world. If you look, the documentary can be seen by an infinite number of people for only 10 dollars, but to pay those 10 dollars it is necessary that before an interest arouses, if not, it runs the risk of not being valued; Unfortunately, as humans we still have to go through issues such as these and then consider the seriousness of certain issues. Likewise, if someone encounters this article, he has the opportunity here to arouse a very valuable interest in these issues and to begin his own initiation, while if he ignores it, it is already the person's problem.

So far this interview. We infinitely thank Chiapella for granting us part of their time and then leave the corresponding links so that our readers can watch the trailer of the documentary, and if they consider it, they can later acquire their viewing for 60 days on the official page of the psychoanalyst José Luis Parise

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* Interview conducted by Ibrah Gebrail and Adrián Gómez