Entheon: the temple to the inner divinity that Alex and Allyson Gray plan to build

An entheogenic temple is the visionary proposal of the couple of American artists

The prominent psychedelic couple of Alex and Allyson Gray plan to build a temple to divinity for a few years and are currently still raising funds. It is projected that this psychedelic cathedral, which will obviously be dressed by the Gray's designs and paintings (who are famous for their visions of the subtle or travel bodies of LSD and DMT), will be built 65km north of New York.

It is somehow the continuation of the first "temple" built by the Gray, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, within their own department and then in a 5-year exhibition in Manhattan. Entheon is the continuation of a collective psychedelic vision and would be a radically inclusive temple for people seeking the divine without any specific religious denomination.

The temple will be an ode to psychedelic culture; tentatively it would house the ashes of Tim Leary, it would have installations and paintings of Alex Gray musicalized by Tool, and a series of visionary mirrors. Its function would be, as it is believed to be that of many temples and even Gothic cathedrals, to provide a space for epiphany. In addition, the temple would seek to emulate what places like the monuments of Khajuraho in India, the Chartres Cathedral or the Goetheanum built by Rudolf Steiner have done.