Get involved in the erotic utopia of this young illustrator on Instagram

Kama Sutra in the era of Instagram: refresh some popular positions or perversions with these illustrations

Art as a catalyst for sexual utopias is a tradition in Japan, shunga . After all, imagination is perhaps the best way to animate those sexual drives that we all experience and that by filtering them through the artistic act find a channel of materialization, even purification.

Precisely the shunga refers us to the work of Alphachanneling, an illustrator whose Instagram account represents a true immersion in imaginary sexuality. Detected by W Magazine, this account is a stimulating mixture of demons, phalluses, cracks and tunnels of pastel-colored reality, enough to involve us not only in an exercise of morbidity or curiosity but also in one of reflection about how we conceive and live our sexuality .

What is your most surreal fantasy? How would you translate into a parallel universe, free of all physical and moral law, your most intimate desires? How far are you able to relax your superego and imagine your erotic shadows? These are some of the questions that, when going through Alphachanneling's drawings, flourish and lubricate.