Winter time 2018: tonight the clocks are delayed 1 hour (and should be the last time it is done)

Winter time is "natural" or traditional time (and should be permanent)

This October 28 will be carried out the annual ritual of changing the time of return to the so-called winter time, which is actually the natural time, or at least the time that had been followed for centuries. At 02:00 in the morning the clock will change at 01:00 in the morning, and so "we will gain" 1 hour of light in the morning.

In the last decades, the schedule change has been carried out in many countries of the world following a supposed global idea of ​​energy saving and increased production, without considering the biorhythms of people and what is known as chronobiology. However, this trend is clearly changing, since in recent years some countries in South America have rejected the schedule change, and this year the European Union has announced that it will stop making the schedule change in its block of countries from October 2019.

In general, the economic benefits of changing the schedule have been little strong and, at the same time, there have been some indications that it can have negative effects on health - which is symptomatic of our era, in which the economy puts everything before, even the most basic health.

The main problem is that circadian cycles that regulate the production of various hormones such as melatonin, mainly responsible for sleep, are determined by sunlight, so an increase in this during the day can cause insomnia, exhaustion, irritability and disorientation. Recently, the BMC Biology magazine studied the metabolic reactions of 55 thousand people during the time change and found that their circadian rhythms never managed to assimilate it, that is, it is not just "a few days" in what we get used to, but rather put our metabolism in a situation of constant stress. In addition, there have been increases in accidents in the days after the schedule change, and other negative side effects.

There is a lot of information that highlights the importance of chronobiological regularity, of the balance between the cycles of nature and the cycles of the human body, while the information in favor of changing the schedule is very weak. Therefore, we hope that countries like Mexico follow the trend of European countries and in the following years we will see the disappearance of this modern secular rite that gives an artificial dimension to reality.