The 'wild' ideology of the anti-nanotechnology terrorist group that attacked Mexican scientists

The strange case of the Individualities Tending to the Wild group, its crusade against technology, the network of anarchist blogs to which it belongs and media manipulation.

The recent explosion of a bomb the Tec de Monterrey campus State of Mexico that injured two professors has been awarded to a technophobic terrorist group that calls itself "Indiviudalities Tending to the Wild." This group emerges from a network of anarchists with a presence in Chile, Spain, France and Italy (and some other countries to a lesser extent), but it is distinguished from this Latin anarchism that unfolds in the blogosphere by its fixation against technology .

The bomb package that exploded at Tec de Monterrey was aimed at the scientist Armando Herrera, an expert in robotics, but it exploded in the office of Alejandro Aceves, an expert in "the creation of humanoids", according to the newspaper Excelsior (does this mean that it creates zombies, intelligent robots, dummies, clones, golems?).

Mexican media have released information revealed by the Attorney General of the State of Mexico that this group has already carried out attacks in other countries (and a previous one in Mexico). However, it is possible that they are grouping Indiviudalities Tending to the Wild with a wider network of anarchists who do not necessarily subscribe to the ideology that motivated these latest attacks and inspiration in the terrorist work of Ted Kaczynski, "the Unabomber", who also " inspired "the assassin of Norway, Anders Behring Breivik. The Unabomber, who participated in CIA mind control experiments in the sixties, carried out its terrorist acts under a neoludite motivation to end the inequality generated by the technology and the planetary destruction it entails.

"Nature is good, Civilization is evil, " is the motto of Individuals Tending to the Wild, as stated in the Anaqruista blog Total Liberation. This site offers content from different cryptoterrorist cells, most of them Chilean, and links to a number of anarchist sites that demonstrate against the capitalist system and in general against government dominance. However, in these blogs there is no frontal mention that the enemy is technology nor is admiration for Unabomber shown.

This network of anarchists is linked by the death of "compa" Mauricio Morales, a Chilean anarchist who died when a shadow exploded that he planned to exploit in the Gendarmerie building. "Mauri" or "El Punky" has become a martyr of this cause that emerges unexpectedly in dozens of blogs that have created a network of alternative anti-system news, with different cells, united by anarchy: not to reform the capitalist system or Humanize it, destroy it.

The cells of this anarchist network seem to be heterogeneous, in a blog post Total Liberation says:

"It had already happened after the bombings of September 2009 that the press blamed this site (then for being responsible for the explosive devices installed in Max Mara and bank branches in Mexico. Now it happens again but holding us accountable of the pump package sent to a university professor. Even has made several notes and even a video (see here) where they invent that this site is something like the "base" of more groups around the world and the most incredible thing is that these groups would belong to the "Total Liberation Front" *.
We will not lengthen more to refer to these servants of Power, we just want to show their stupidity. "

On the other hand, in another entry, it is written by Individuals Tending to the Wild, the technophobic ideology that motivated the attacks is developed. This suggests that there is no unity among anarchist groups - or that there is a disinformation operation within them - and that the Mexican press may be confusing Individualities Tending to the Wild with other groups with marked differences.

It would be necessary to study this blog network and its actions in depth to see to what extent it is a genuine threat to the established system - a solid continuation of the old anarchist movement now transnationally organized through the Internet - or perhaps part of the same matrix of misinformation and infiltration of world intelligence agencies, which always find it appropriate to have a group of terrorists to whom they turn to and who have made the Internet a laboratory.

The Individuals Tending to the Wild cell manifests in its blog a radical stance against technology and the alienation it produces - they could replace Anonymous now that they have said they are not part of the attack on Facebook, but, being technophobic, hardly They will have the knowledge to attack Facebook:

"Every day we realize that the human being is moving more dangerously from his natural instincts, that he is immersing himself in a false reality built by social networks and the obsessive idea of ​​online updating in virtual spaces.

"We live in the digital age, the system is always in constant dynamism and it has not been that the whole world is alienated by television or the vices that civilized life contracts, but also has made up a gigantic computer network for the Daily superproduction of more automatons that blindly serve to maintain the predominant order.

"One of the three leaders of Facebook is Peter Thiel, an American businessman who has proposed the total elimination of the real or natural world and the imposition of the digital world, as hears it.

"Analyzing this, we can see that Facebook is not a simple harmless communication network, but it is a social experiment of mind control that the Industrial Technology System is using with great effectiveness to exclude Nature from human contact, that is, it develops greatly the total alienation of individuals to Technology. "

Also in the blog Total Liberation, the group Individualities Tending to the Wild demonstrates their special aversion to nanotechnology, since they believe that this technology will take control of humanity, self-replicating in a similar way to Skynet in the Terminator saga. This is the reason for his attack - the Mexican technocratic system and the factual powers that drive this development - but in any case the case is very strange and deserves a deeper investigation of what the mainstream media will transmit.