The favorite tattoos of introverts (a tentative list)

The uniqueness of introverts is also expressed in the body

On several occasions we have written in Pajama Surf about introversion, a category often used in contemporary psychology to characterize personalities that are distinguished by being more focused on the internal world than the external. Silence, reflection and shyness are some of the features that are popularly attributed to the introvert, sometimes also sensitivity, understanding of one's own and others' emotions, melancholy, love of detail, a taste for places lonely, aversion to large crowds, etc.

Curiously and paradoxically, introversion seems to have gained popularity in the era of the Internet and social networks, media that due to their characteristics (especially their individual use and what is derived from it) gave exposure to introverts, their activities and their way of being.

But is it that introverts really are so different? Maybe not, at least not as if it were one of those mythical creatures that only a few have seen. But it is true that what they value may seem extravagant in a world that privileges other things. If, for example, it is usual to appreciate success and public recognition, it will be strange for someone to prefer discretion and celebration in intimacy and respect.

In a more playful way, we could follow this idea in an area that many of us know well: tattoos. Since they are linked from the beginning with subjectivity, tattoos are a complete expression of our ideas, our way of inhabiting the world, our preferences and, perhaps above all, the moment of our existence in which we find ourselves. If this premise is correct, then it may also be admissible that there are specific types of tattoos for certain personalities.

The love of depth, the taste for books, the solace in the arts and minimalism are some of the characteristics shared by introverts and these types of tattoos that we now present. A singular narrative made of small graphic elements that in their shortness are extremely eloquent, as if they were telling a secret and yet understandable story for those initiated into the mysteries of introversion.

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