Mexico: The society in which we will survive

Wrapped in the logic of the bicentennial and its useless paraphernalia, Juan Carlos Luque Brazán focuses on the tragicomic panorama of this country with his old heroes and new heroes recycling himself in a wheel of misfortune that at the end of the day we will also survive

A few weeks ago the Mexican reality surpassed fiction again, 74 migrants from Central America and South America were savagely killed by the Zetas, a macro band of hitmen, basically composed of former police and military who changed their line of business but not their main objective : Earning a living at the expense of other lives. On the other hand, in the City of Monterrey, another group of drug traffickers used to have a similar life but in public format, kidnapped trucks and cargo vehicles to collapse transport in the city of Regiomontana, all within a few days of the murder of a mayor who had the audacity to try to fight organized crime.

While all this was happening the rude Chilean truck drivers agreed that they were citizens and drove the Federal District center in defense of their labor and almost patrimonial rights, how was it possible that the Federal District Government had the audacity to professionalize the public transport service And to top it off, no, no, it had to be prevented and what better way than to subject the City to its free and citizen protest.

What is happening in Mexico?

More than ten years ago, when I was packing my suitcase to come to study my Postgraduate studies, I asked myself what would that Mexican society be like where I would live the following years? The answers were imprecise but they gave me certain coordinates, their cultural industry, expressed in its multifaceted film and literary production, its diverse and colorful music, its post-revolutionary cultural heritage, its great universities and of course, of course, its cultural, territorial and culinary geography. Knowing Mexico a bit was impressive, everything was the same as in my land and different at the same time, I understood the value of "bites" while I understood that friends here are forever and not for a few days. I knew that it was a danger to tell a taxi driver: "It takes me on the shortest route", because that was surely going to translate into a long trip, which according to the circumstances could be enlivened by an express kidnapping.

Anyway, at the beginning of the first decade of the 21st century, there was violence in the streets of Mexico, but come on, it was a violence with certain objections, we did not have those postmodern customs of the hit men of now delivering the bodies of their victims On the other hand, there was also that rare custom of trying to fight organized crime by hiring marketers and marketing experts. There were also no claims to refound the story or retell it, and that useless paraphernalia of the Latin American bicentennials was not in the sights of our efficient rulers and the issues we were dealing with were more pedestrian, paying the foreign debt, speaking ill of the populist rulers and sell the national banks at egg prices.

Now we are all in the bicentennial logic, we think of our dead heroes two centuries ago, a century ago and those who are falling into the fight against the narco and its partners, we also have new heroes such as Chicharito, the Miss Mexican Universe 2010 and a reloaded version of the anti-hero on duty, Barbie, laughing at his police captors between the corresponding cameras of Televisa and TV Azteca.

Here in Mexico that old Marxist phrase that said that everything solid evaporates in the air is a useless metaphor. Here everything old evaporates solidly into the new and is the basis of the coordinates of the society in which we will live in a few years. We have an Institutional Revolutionary Party that is proclaimed as the best option to guarantee the future of this magnificent country, on the other hand we find a modern, modernized and surveyed left, specialist in political suicides and finally we have the Gomez Morin party transformed into a retro-futuristic version of the eighties versions of the PRI version of La Madrid. As you can see, pure political postmodernity to imagine the society in which we will live. A society full of images of "Laura Bozo", "Chicharitos Hernández" and background music of the TRI with the cavernously modulated voice of Alex Lora.

We will surely survive them too. Meanwhile remember that the Virgin of Guadalupe is Mexican.

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