Brazilian child who lives with jaguars in reserve generates admiration and controversy (PHOTOS)

His parents are biologists and he has grown up with these cats since he was born

Tiago Silveira has lived all his life with jaguars, not in a wild way, but in a reserve in Brazil. Recently he published a photo in which he appears calmly bathing in a lagoon with two jaguars and a dog. The photo shocked the social networks, with many users doubting the reality of the image and others, as usually happens in our time, almost being offended that the child is allowed to risk his life or something.

The reality is that Tiago is the son of biologists Leandro Silveira and Anah Jacomo, who coordinate the Jaguar Institute of Brazil, in the state of Goiás. For Tiago, it is completely natural to interact with these cats.

“My son was born in an environment with jaguars and learned to deal with them since he was a baby. Obviously we set limits, but he already knows how to behave. It's very natural for him, ”the father told the BBC.

Tiago's parents explain that there have never been problems with the jaguars; However, they have made it very clear that it is necessary to mark certain limits with them, since they are not social animals, although they do create lifelong links with humans, if they have been in contact with humans since birth. Tiago has said that when he grows up he wants to continue his parents' work because he considers it important to try to save a species, which is certainly as commendable as it is wonderful to be able to know these magnificent animals intimately.