Observe the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter this October 3

An astronomical event that opens the month of October

Between the afternoon and the night of this October 3, 2019 there will be an unusual astronomical event among all those that can be seen from our planet.

It is a conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter, with the addition that on this occasion Jupiter will be easily visible, even with binoculars or a simple telescope.

This October 3 the Moon is in its phase of increasing quarter, so its luminosity will not affect the visibility of Jupiter. On the other hand, that the Moon can be found in the sky is useful, since it is the reference point from which it will be possible to locate Jupiter, as shown in this scheme elaborated by the space.com site:


As we can see, once we locate the Moon (even in daylight, at sunset), Jupiter will be found just below our satellite. As the night approaches, the Moon and Jupiter will move away, and it will pass up and to the left of the sky (that is, to the northeast).

It is worth mentioning, finally, that Jupiter will be visible in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

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