They record tremor in Mexico City at the time of the goal in Mexico-Germany

The jump in unison of hundreds of thousands of Mexicans produced an earthquake in Mexico City

The group of football fans reacting to Mexico's goal in their match against Germany produced a small tremor in Mexico City this Sunday, authorities said. Thought exercises of the type are often done, what would happen if all mankind jumped at the same time? Here is a small sample.

The excitement for the World Cup in Russia, the national joy (and someone could also say the alienation of fanaticism) was felt by rumbling the center of the country at 11:32 am according to the SIMMSA monitoring network, which noted that the earthquake It was produced "artificially." This, as a result of the euphoria of the goal with which Mexico defeated Germany.

Apparently, another artificial tremor occurred in Lima on Saturday, when Peru received a penalty in favor (which was ruled out) in its match against Denmark. Peru had not been to a World Cup for several World Cups, so the level of Peruvian fanaticism seems somewhat insurmountable, with hordes of fans visiting Russia.

Undoubtedly, and of course, the triumph of Mexico generated great joy among citizens. But the question arises as to what would happen if such a conjunction, such a massive concentration on the same thing, happened for something more important than football. As some analysts point out, today there is nothing in the world that can generate such convening power and that captivates both attention and football. It is really a mass religious fervor.

As some have noted, while Mexico was distracted by football and the dirty wars of the elections, President Peña Nieto scored another goal and privatized the water.