Tropical Data X: the erotic-literary feast of hyperlinks

A new year has begun, life does not stop and addicted temperaments continue to need the hyperlink rush. With this X of delivery of the Tropical Data, we regularize the column and return to the ring, with the bet redoubled ...

Mads Frantzen, "Welcome!", 2014

A bit of porn. First the essential, to be able to enjoy the accessory. For this year, I recommend the following gallery, which has the suggestive title of "Let me do this to you". Over here another careful selection and finally this space to rejoice the sicaliptic Internet user.

The society of dead photographers. The year that ended was, as was obvious, with a huge number of deaths, in all areas. In this space the work of those masters of the camera who edited reality with dreamlike images, broadening fantasy is recorded.

Documentary about Bruce Chatwin. A young and ecumenical spirit that did the best a man can do: grab the backpack, look at the stars and go on a trip.

In case you don't like downloading movies, in this link you will find a large variety of material, all to watch from the comfort of You Tube.

Now that if you have a more exquisite taste that hardly meets the criteria of the gleba and the populace, try the site of the Universal Cineteca.

The spilled galaxy. That is Mexico City, before a horizontal vertigo (such was the name by which Pierre Drieu de La Rochelle described La Pampa, back in 1932, so the DF demands an original baptism). Here you can access the “Mexico, future city” project, a work of art with first-class essays, fascinating ideas and sustainable proposals made by writers, architects, visionaries and urban planners. A place to think and feel the bowels of the most transparent region.

Special books Attending to the eclecticism of the network, consigned the Solo Traveler, by Jack Kerouac; I continue with The Voices of Marrakesh, by Elías Canetti; I continue with a historical and fascinating essay on the importance of female buttocks in the history of humanity entitled Eva's hip and the Bestiary, by Juan José Arreola.

In essay, I recommend Books on fire. Endless history of library destruction and the technical history of a poem, by Juan Rodolfo Wilcock.

In poetry, I share Writing how to spit, by Leopoldo María Panero and close with the early Autobiography, by Carlos Monsiváis.

And for the nailed, authentic hoarders who cannot live without storage, I suggest sites with hundreds, thousands and thousands of books for your enjoyment, to see if they find, along with navigation, the time to read them.

Buenos Aires summer. In case you are in the south of the hemisphere and no longer know what to entertain your parties and meetings around the pool, click here. A trankuila selection of tropical rhythms that will facilitate your life and, with a little luck, will summon you to the fornicio.

Graphic chronicle of a beautiful book.

The ecumenical vocation of Margaret Atwood. To understand how a person's head works - especially if it is a writer, a scientist or an artist - there is nothing better than attending to their underlines. What do they read, how do they read and why are certain personalities so irresistible? In the case of an author as magnetic and seductive as the Canadian, the questions are triggered to infinity, so it is a real joy and privilege to know her profile on Flipboard, the beautiful application that works like a magazine, with a fantasy interface.

This was the voice of the great, infinite, ruthless, timid and brave Virgil Piñera.

To explore evolution. A suggestive page that invites meticulous exploration.

A modest proposal . Under the suggestive title that reads "10 blogs that every twenty-year-old should read, " PolicyMic people consign extraordinary sites for a "boring generation of the New Yorker, the New York Times and the New York Review of Books ", and they get it, with portentous insolence. From this place, I only have, despite being a brand new thirty in crisis, to coincide with his fantastic creed: “We need new literary sustenance. We want writing by people who understand the tremendous attentional effort it requires to read more than three sentences of anything. We want a literary La La Land that gives us gifs and James Joyce in the same breath. Screw it — we want gifs of James Joyce. ” Click here, satisfaction guaranteed in case you are tired of reading the usual boring.

The wonder of the Earth, seen from space. To dream the senses.

And for those who have not had enough, in this corner they can continue exploring the hyperlink rhetoric, with all kinds of pagan content that make the network, still and fortunately, a blissful experience for the traveler and the pajero, that is, for The professional walker.

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