Viral video against breast cancer: Pink Globe Video

Hospital employees in Portland show solidarity against breast cancer and participate in a viral video with almost 2 million views

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death, along with AIDS and birth complications, among women around the world. Various celebrities and trademarks have participated in campaigns to promote awareness in tune to this disease that, if detected early, is very likely to be curable.

This time he touched the employees of a hospital in Portland who joined the pink gloves campaign. This initiative, launched by the hospital products company, Medline Industries, consists of selling an edition of pink gloves to medical staff, and dedicating a high percentage of the proceeds to financing mammograms for women without resources. These studies would allow to detect the evil in time and cure it.

To promote the Mediline Industries initiative, the more than 200 employees of Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, in Portland, Oregon, volunteered to participate in a video spreading the campaign. The result: a viral video with about 2 million views in a short time and that is causing a sensation on the network. Thanks to this video the campaign of pink gloves, and the fight against breast cancer in general, have been fista among the digital corridors of the web.

In Pajama Surf we confess that breast cancer is not an issue that occupies our daily reflections, when we think of breasts we generally do not think of cancer, but we support initiatives such as that of Providence St Vincent employees, because we are sure that an interconnected society It is a united society, and we are in favor of taking advantage of digital tools, such as YouTube, to raise awareness and share sensitive communication ...